Infinite Soul in a Indigenous European-American Male Body
Clayton Stewart Waidler-Barker (a name that literally means "The Servant of The Town of Clay & Willow Who Cries Out") works like the lightning in a thunderstorm in the sky, both locally and across North America, Asia, India, and The South Pacific as a Soulful Indigenous European-Turtle Islander with Irish Celtic, Scottish Gaelic/Celtic, Viking, Druid, SaxonJewishGermanic and Swiss Alp Tribal roots. He channels measurable results of Co-Creating Connection due only to the grace of the Divine Mother of Earth and Universe.

Mother Earth Ally with All Human Beings Beyond Class, Race, & Gender...
As a Self in a piece of Universal dust, Clayton has both extensive academic & community based artesanal apprenticeship training with a Bachelor's of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Minor in Geography and is trained in Indigenous Wisdom and Indigenous Rights by The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Rhoda Concha from Taos Pueblo, Lyla June from Dine' Tah/Scadanavia/The Cheyenne and Taos ReGeneration Festival, Wyakpa Najin Win from the Five Fingered Tribe of Humanity and Dine' Tah, April Madragon from the Shoshone, Commanche, & Mextizo Tribes, Louie Hena from Tesgueh Pueblo and The Indigenous Seed Sovereignty Alliance, Dr. Larry Emerson from Hog Back in Dine' Tah, Goodshield Aguilar from The Lakota, Arvol Looking Horse from The Lakota, Walking Thunder from Dine' Tah, Thomas Denapaw Delgado from The Inuit/Lakota/Taos Pueblo, and Lynne Twist from the Pachamama Alliance.  

Water Protector Since 1982
Clayton has been a protector of Water, serving Watershed Education with both Indigenous and Modern communities, working on Watershed Restoration projects in Colorado, Karuk, Yurok, Karuk, Wappo, Yuba River, & Pomo country in California, Taos County, Mora County, and Santa Fe County in New Mexico, Dine' Tah in Arizona, Maui, and serving Watershed Restoration in a village Self-Reliance project working in 29 states in India. He has taught children Outdoor Watershed Education in North America and India.

Racial Stereotype Transformer - Soul Clarifier
Clayton is trained in transforming his own and structural white racism into celebrating unity in diversity by all of his Indigenous Elders including Mooji, Itzel Damaris Berrio Hayward of Attuned Living, Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility Whistle Blower Adrienne Anderson of the CU-Boulder Environmental Justice Program, Dr. Roxanne Manning of The Nonviolent Leadership Retreat for Social Justice, Fania Davis of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth, Renjitam Alfred from the Restorative Justice Training Institute, Marina Smerling of the Shameless Heart, Challenge Day, The International Center for Cultural Studies, Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota, Russell Means and Kerry Dan of the The American Indian Movement, Dr. Ward Churchill of CU-Boulder Ethnic Studies Program, Pocho Salvador Chava Eliseo Sanchez Strawbridge of the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership/MECHA/United Farm Workers, Poncho Ramos Stierle of Casa De Paz, Lee Mun Wah of Stir Fry Seminars,  Paul Kivel of How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, Dr. Mikhail Lyubansky of Psychology Today and University of Illinois, Tod Kington of Shawnee Conflict Center, and Ammachi of Embracing the World, Amrita SeRVe, and Amrita University,.

Nonviolence Organizer & Peace Activist
Clayton has been practicing transforming his own anger and mental, verbal, and physical violence into Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2007, being first taught this language of the heart by a Choctaw-German Indigenous European-Native-Turtle Islander Medicine Woman in Chiapas, Mexico & is a graduate of the 2010/2011 BayNVC North American Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program. Clayton was personally trained by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg for 18 days and ongoingly by at least 36 Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainers from the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Dialog Designer
He apprentices and integrates principles of Community Dialog Systems Co-Creation with many dialog mentors around the world and also Dialogic Systems Design as well as Restorative Systems with Indigenous Scottish-Saxon-Brazilian Stewart Clan Restorative Justice & Social Systems Innovation Elder, Dominic Barter, since 2009 in Oakland, Seattle, Rochester, Atlanta, Urbana, from India on video conferencing, and in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations and Global Alliance of Ministries and Infrastructures of Peace. Clayton shares his experience of hosting Nonviolent Communication, Restorative Circles, Restorative Practices, and Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems Collaborations across cultures, communities, and sectors throughout the world.

Indigenous & Modern Community Health Integrator
Clayton plays with inner systems, intrapersonal, and social system cohesion innovation/ancient wisdom as a Initiated ManKind Project New Warrior, a Certified IAM 20 Meditation Instructor with Military Veterans, Youth Prisoners, and Elders by the CEO of Embracing The World, a Certified Hummingbird Community Apprentice & Ambassador, a Certified Awakening the Dreamer, Changing The Dream Facilitator by Pachamama Alliance, a Certified Nursing Assistant by North Bay CNA Training Program & The California Department of Health. He studied Ontological Life Coaching with Coaching for Social Change and The Academy of Coaching Excellence from 2012-2016. He is a graduate of Yuba College Public Safety Emergency Medical Technician Training Program, is a Certification Candidate for Emergency Medical Technician with NREMT, and looking at completing Registered Nursing college training programs by 2021. He has trained extensively in Indigenous Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Natural Organic Farming, a Variety of Hot/Cold Composting techniques, Amrita Waste Management, Black Belt Money Skills, Permaculture, Hogan Dialog, Sacred Clowning, Spiral Dynamics Integral, Integral Life Practice & Theory, and facilitating Interfaith Earth, Fire, and Water Prayer Ceremonies. 

Intentional Spiritual Community Creator, Sustainer, & Transformer
He trained in alternative evolutionary decision making and power sharing governance models such as Sociocracy with Shantigarbha and Integral Holocracy Governance with Karl Steyaert of Find Flow and the 8-Shields Governance Model with Myra Jacobs-Murphy of Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance and Concensus Decision Making with Laird Schaub from the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. He studied the Conscious Co-Creator's Agreements with Priestess Katherine Roske and Mindful Communication Agreements with Ralph Huber of the Hummingbird Living School and Spirial Dynamics Integral with Dr. Rich Ruster of the Center for the Human Dream. He studied Living in The Heart Meditation and Efficient Teamwork with Mark Courtman of Humming Bird Community.

Interfaith Harmonizer of 8+ Billion Religions On Earth
Clayton undergoes extensive inner faith and Interfaith harmony movement Spiritual training and Self study of Gaelic, Celtic, Saxon, Druid, Tuiton, Viking, Islam, Judaism, Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism, Japanese Soto Zen Buddhism, Vietnamese Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Vajrayana, Kagyu, & Nyigma Buddhism, Tibetan Bon, Shambhala Warrior Buddhism, Yoga, Himalayan Shaivism, Dine’ Hozho, Shakti Worship, Sanatana Dharma, Lakota Inipi, Sufi Universal Worship, Christianity, Presbyterianism, and Catholic prayer and meditation since age 0. He began performing Puja (worship) to Lord Buddha and Mother Nature at age 10 after his Mother gave him a Buddha statue and She initiated him into worship with Rinchen Gelek, a Tibetan Yogi. He has 14+ years of formal Meditation and Volunteer Service Training with many Enlightened Masters from all continents, including Native American Sages, Saints, and Holy People.

Writer, Singer, & Drummer
Clayton is a singer, song writer, drummer, and a infamously authentic, bold, and avid writer, poet, as well as a published author in a book called Empathy Stories, where he shares the tale of living NVC and Yoga to thrive and survive being held up at gun point on the way to volunteering at a Lakota Sun ☀️ Dance. He is working on a new book about living NVC & Yoga to thrive and retroactively forgive being physically threatened and physically beaten 20 times in this life time. It is a book about living and recovering from violence lessons.

Martial Artist, Community Protector of Women, & Sexual Violence Transformer
As a shameless Man who has been sexually assaulted by a male attacker, Clayton now prevents sexual violence, rape, and child sexual abuse and to meet needs for community protection and personal safety and trains in the protective use of force in mixed martial arts including Chi Gung, Kung Fu, Aikido, Nor Kal Self Defense, and Kalari Payattu. Clayton has never yet had to physically use his martial arts training on anyone and finds the practice of these Spiritual Warrior skills, a useful way to develop self-esteem, fight his own inner enemies, and get anger out alone in a healthy way in solitude. He does not even want to think about harming anyone in thought, word and deed and spends as much time every day meditating, chanting prayers, and praying for world and inner peace.

May all be blessed with peace, eternal joy, liberation, pure light, pure knowledge, and pure love!