What are Restorative Practices?

Restorative Practices are a living and organic community dialog and spiritual conversation process that aim to restore connection, power sharing, consciously co-create clarity and mutual understanding, improve and repair relationships between people and communities to both prevent harm and heal through empathy and honesty after harm has occurred. 

The purpose of Restorative Practices are to build healthy communities, increase social capital, decrease crime and life-alienating and violent behavior, repair harm and restore broken relationships. They are considered part of the Restorative Justice Movement which builds collaborative and dialog within traditional protective and punitive use of force justice systems (such as schools, courts, police, military, mental hospitals, etc) which are held and nested within the Laws of Mother Nature justice system, the laws of karma (you get what you do), and the Universal Justice System of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Planetary Justice Systems.

Restorative Practices are both ancient and newly emerging. 

Examples of Restorative Practices from Native America include Dine' Hogan Dialogs, Pomo Round Dances, Port Sklallam Cedar Sweat Lodges, Pow Wows, Lakota Inipi Sweat Lodge, Homblecha, and Sun Dance Ceremonies and Talking Stick Circles where people meet to honor Mother Earth and pray for community balance, peace, harmony, healing, and beauty, and discuss harms that need prayer, love, and action. 

There are over 760 Native American tribes in the border engulfing these Souls and the traditional Mother Earth stewardship lands they have served since time immemorial, called the United States of America. All of these tribes each have their own version of dialog and circle based Restorative Practices. 

Examples of Restorative Practices from India are Self Help Groups, Self Reliant Groups, Kirtan, Bhajans, Satsangs, Pravarchak, Puja, Patha, Homa Yajna, Japa, Panchayats, Karma Yoga, circle dances, Sangeeta, and Seva.

Examples of newly emerging Restorative Practices in the modern Restorative Justice Movement are...