"Stories shared were very helpful, particularly when used as a reference point to apply the concepts being shared. The stories on their own (especially the one about being held at gun point) also served the purpose of establishing trust and credentials for the facilitator, and were very engaging (not boring every day examples) which made the event shared with brother especially unique. They did not feel like tangents, nor did they feel like gloating. There was a felt sense that brother cared about our intentions for coming being met, and he was doing what he could to guide the process in a way that also met his own need for efficiency, as well as navigating the waters of divine mother flow from participants. Overall, so much was given in such a short period of time, and the offering was a very prayerful and authentic one. The authenticity and connection to the topic expressed by brother was the biggest motivator and connection point that would keep this one returning to this type of work with this particular facilitator. It was felt as a heart offering, and one that was creditable and trust worthy. Gratitude for the experience, and looking forward to apply and deepening NVC in life and at work. May the fruits of the offering shared bring inner and outer peace to all." -Allison Star, participant in The Yoga of Nonviolent Communication Practice Group