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Empathy Coaching Contract

(please cut and paste this into a document, print it, sign it, and send it to Clayton Barker via a picture text message).

Signed digitally with any future changes made in writing, by Clayton Barker,

What You Get

  • As your Empathy Coach, with you as a willing, authentic partner, I will support you to:

  • Serve a world where everyone’s values are met peacefully.
  • Learn to consciously co-create a quality of connection that inspires natural giving and receiving.
  • Hone Self-Empathy and Empathy for humanity.

Note:  A Empathy Coach is not a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, Guru, Saint, counselor, or therapist. A Empathy Coach can help you clarify whether to seek out a CNVC Certified Trainer, Guru, Saint, counsel, further healing artists and therapy.

Our Agreement

Package: MONTH through MONTH YEAR: freely given donation /session as well as unlimited phone call and text support if I am available and willing to offer it.

Contribution: I text you a link for you to make a freely given donation for the coaching package. You can also donate in cash, check, or on pay pal by the first or any session or in a donation plan that we consciously co-create.

Scheduling: Sessions are by phone, video conferencing or in person and scheduled via text, upfront at the start of the contract and on an organic basis in coherence and alignment with our schedules.

  • You initiate the call each session. We may reschedule in writing with 24 hours notice via text messaging.
  • You may schedule session by session or for the entire 5 session package.
  • Besides emergencies, I stols welcome $ donations for sessions missed without 24 hours notice.

Between Sessions: Please be in touch as often as you’d like by phone calls or text, and I will reply as much as possible, or inform you if a given topic would be a situation where I welcome additional freely given $ donations to pay forward Empathy Coaching time. Renewal: This contract is renewable, with terms agreed upon in writing by text.

Termination: If need be, we may agree via text messaging at any time to terminate this contract at any time,  for any reason, effective if that becomes alive for us.l

Ethics: I choose to practoce the Co-Creator’s Agreements and Self Assess my Empathy Coaching based on the Pathways to Liberation Matrix of Self Assessment.

Confidentiality: I keep our coaching relationship confidential unless by your written permission or if you are planning on taking action to carry out suicide, homicide, sexual violence, or domestic violence. I may offer protective actions and suggestions in the community to prevent violence.

No Sexual/Romantic Relationships in Our Empathy Coaching: I am not willing to enter into any kind of Sexual/Romantic Relationship while acting professionally as your Empathy Coach. Please respect my boundaries and let me be free/celibate.

Referrals: Know anyone who could benefit from this? Send them my way!

If You Would Like to Add Further Solutions and Your Values and Requests in Our Consciously Co-Creative Agreement Contract, Please Do So and Send Me a Copy of This Contract as a Text Message Picture to Me to Read: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

May all beings be peaceful and happy in all the worlds!