Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems Apprenticeship

This offering is inspired by my own manifestation and generation of measurable results and the Restorative Systems Apprenticeship with my Indigenous Scottish Gaelic Elder, Dominic Barter. It is inspired by all these Community Dialog System Co-Creation collaborations in North America, Asia, and Europe participating in Restorative Dialogs and Restorative Practices.

Agreements to Be in This Apprenticeship: 

1) You understand I am a raggedy imperfect Universal Human Being doing the best I can to serve life.

2) You agree that we will consciously co-create a Community Dialog Systems based on living these 10 Questions.

3) You agree to read The Surprising Purpose of Anger at least 1 time if not up to 16 times in 1 year as I have to become self-responsible for feeling and valuing.

4) You agree to take your own inventory using the Systems self reflection practices and give me positive constructive feedback to grow and learn.

6) I welcome you to utilize my full experience, tap into my heart light, and test out my knowledge of Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems with subtle awareness that I also have survived being sexually assaulted before and I have survived having been physically beaten and physically threatened at least 20 times in my life. Because I don't work well and successfully on Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog System when under duress, threat, pressure, and blame, I welcome you to contribute to my well being with empathy & compassionate honesty as I seek to contribute to you with empathy & compassionate honesty.

If this apprenticeship interests you and you are willing to agree to co-create these agreements, please contact me.

May you be alert, stay safe, and stay awake and may you be protected with pure love, pure light, and pure knowledge.

With harmony, blessings, respect, and peaceful wishes for 1 day on Earth where no one is admitted to the hospital due to violence, all hostilities ceasing, and everyone's values honored and respected.

Clayton Stewart Waidler-Barker

May all beings be peaceful and happy in all the worlds!