Measurable Results

Measurable results produced by the Co-Creating Connection team in Living the 10 Questions of Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems  to serve Peace, Empathy, Nonviolence, & Restorative Dialog since 2007...

# of Indigenous Tribes We have Collaborated With Worldwide: 12

# of US States We Have Worked In: 9

# of Countries We Have Worked In: 6

# of Continents We Have Worked On: 3

# of Police Officers/Sheriff Deputies Offered Emergency Empathy: at least 20

# of Police & 911 Tele-Communicators Given Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training: 2

# of Rape/Sexual Assault Survivors Empathized with Over Their Long Term Healing Journey: Unknown. At least 5.

# of Live Restorative Circles Co-Hosted to Serve Connection & Dialog: 25+

# of Mediations Co-Hosted to Transform Conflict: at least 6

# of Jail/Prison Inmates Trained in Nonviolent Communication: at least 60+

# of Police & Military Police Offered Emergency Empathy On-Scene: at least 20+

# of Protests Offered Omni-Partial Empathy: at least 5+

# of Jail/Prison Inmates Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: at least 20+

# of Homeless US Military Veteran Camps Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: 4

# of US Military Veterans Association Hospitals Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: 1

# of College Public Safety Programs Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: 1

# of Retired Sheriffs Trained in Restorative Systems/Circles Consciousness: 1

# of US Military Veterans Trained in Nonviolent Communication: at least 3

# of EMT Candidates, Fire People, US Air Force, & Police Academy Grads Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: 18+

# of Youth Jails/Prisons Trained in Mindfulness Stress Reduction: 2

# of Adult Men's and Women's Jails/Prisons Trained in Nonviolent Communication: 5

# of Jail/Prison Staff Trained in NVC, Restorative Practices & Mindfulness Stress Reduction: at least 15+

# of Elder Care Hospitals Offered Empathy during Nursing Work: 10

# of Elders & Nursing Staff Offered Empathy in Convalescent & Charity Hospitals: 500+

# of poopy urine filled briefs changed while offering hundreds and hundreds of incontinent Elders, empathy: 1000's

# of Homeless Shelters Served With Food: 9

# of Community Food/Flower Gardens Served: at least 24

# of Compost Piles Built & Served: 100's across North America, Maui, & India

# of buckets of urine & poop hauled to make humanure compost, while offering people Empathy: estimated 364 (in 28 days)

# of People Offered a Consciously Co-Created Community Dialogic System Empathy Experience: 1000's

# of People Trained in Our Experience of Nonviolent Communication since 2007: 1000's

# of Communities Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems and Agreeing to Host Nonviolent Communication &/or Restorative Practice, &/or Mindfulness Stress Reduction Practice Groups: at least 137 (click here)

# of People Practicing Restorative Circles together: at least 100+

# Communities We Have Inspired to Agree to Co-Host Dialogic Systems/Restorative Circles Practice Groups Together: 21

  1. ReGeneration Festival, Taos, New Mexico
  2. Pachamama Alliance Volunteers in Oakland, California
  3. PRADAN in New Delhi, India
  4. Power Shift Network, Washington DC
  5. Laura's class at Taos High School, New Mexico
  6. Andrea's Freshman class #1 at Taos High School, New Mexico
  7. Andrea's Freshman class #2 at Taos High School, New Mexico
  8. Center for Nonviolent Communication & Amma people in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  9. Penasco Elementary School, Penasco, New Mexico
  10. Hummingbird Living School, Mora County, New Mexico
  11. Center for Nonviolent Communication March 2010 International Intensive Training in New Mexico
  12. The India Nonviolent Communication Convention, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
  13. Sadhana Forest Ecovillage, Tamil Nadu, India
  14. Devotees at Amritapuri Ashram, Kerala, India
  15. People from the Nonviolent Communication Community in New Delhi, India
  16. People at the GAMiP Nesting Peace Summit at Geneva, Switzerland
  17. Devotees at Mata Amritanandamayi Center, San Ramon, CA
  18. Staff at Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth, Canaan, NY
  19. Temple of Peace, Hai'ku, Maui, Hawa'ii
  20. Nonviolent Communication Family Camp, Vashon, WA
  21. McCreedy Family & Friends, San Ramon, CA

For dialog about how these measurable results are calculated, please contact us.