Holistic Economics

At Co-Creating Connection, we have experimented with a variety of economic models of sustainability and community financial co-responsibility since 2007. We find that Holistically Integrating a variety of approaches to work with money, which is a strategy to meet values, works the best for us to connect widely across sectors and cultures in a flexible, integral, practical, and heart centered way.

Here are the models we integrate into our work to balance personal sustainability with community justice and inclusive welcoming:

Volunteering: at times we volunteer and we don't solicit donations for our work

Work-Trades: at times we do trades for services without exchanging money

Freely Given Donations Welcome: at times, we give the work away, and welcome people to give back donations that are freely given joyful yeses.

Financial Co-Responsibility:  at times, we welcome freely given donations and sit in circle to discuss how to share and distribute the donations. This honors that our work is given away freely, but paradoxically is not free of costs in the money-mediated economy, so we welcome support to sustain the work going on in 3 continents since 2007.

Suggested Sliding Scale Fees With No One Turned Away Due to $ Difficulties: at times we choose to set sliding scale fees to bring security to our lives, such as food, clothing, shelter, & travel. Making it a sliding scale allows people to participate from a range of income levels. We also won't turn people away and will negotiate the fee flexibility if needed, to find a strategy that meets both our values abundantly.

Set Fees: at times, when the need for inner security is really stretched, and we really need thriving survival and balance, we will set fees and turn down requests to work with people who cannot give financially. This happens rarely, as we've honed massive internal security muscles, working on the Freely Given Donations Welcome economy, for over a decade. But at times, to be self-honest and to stay in balance, setting fees helps up to thrive so that we can donate and volunteer in other contexts when time, energy, money, and Beloved Divine Energy's plan allows.

If you have questions about the Holistic Economy Model, please give us a call at +1.530.713.3820