Community Dialog Systems Co-Creation

There are over 8 Billion religions on this planet and each Universal Human Being has their own unique formula to realizing the Divine in their own unique way. I don't have to convert anyone to my religion except my own ego to my own Soul. The practice of honing Interfaith Harmony Community Dialog Systems Co-Creation encourages you to draw your own conclusions, while continuously allowing them to be re-drawn. These 10 Evolving Questions can be lights on this path to presence with each other in our Self.

The following descriptions are not comprehensive—but they will give you enough to start testing out how you can deepen your presence both inside and outside of Interfaith Harmony Community Dialog Systems Co-Creation. The Questions are not rules; they are inquiries learnt from direct experience. They are not answers; they are questions to be lived. They are not static; they are evolving as we evolve. From direct experience, living these questions does produce extraordinary measurable results.

These Questions are not new. They are as ancient as the ocean of blissful compassion in our heart light:

-1. Are we willing to Become Instruments of Peace?

-0. Are we cultivating Self-Connection to Love?

1. Are we taking Action (non-linear & linear) to serve Life?

2. Are we consciously co-creating inner and outer Spaces for dialog?

3. Are we hosting & Facilitating Dialog?

4. Have we heard about dialog through the Grapevine and are we Getting the Word About Peace Dialog Out?

5. Are we consciously co-creating omni-partial Access to dialog?

6. Are we Celebrating our Dialog Victories?

7. Are we Removing Blocks to Dialogic Action?

8. Are we Repeatedly re-asking our selves these questions, non-linearly and linearly to integrate Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within and without?

Deeper Experiential Commentary Inquiry into these 10 Questions of Community Dialog Systems Conscious Co-Creation:

-1. Become an Instrument of Peace: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create a prayer and a willingness to become an instrument of peace?

  • What is working well in my Self?
  • What is NOT working well in my Self?
  • What is my clear vision for how I transform and embrace my Self? What is my clear vision for a strong and sustained interpersonal, intrapersonal, and systemic support system?

0. Self Connection to Love: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create an intention to be a strong, maintained, and eternally sustained connection to one's Self and ❤️ LOVE? Are we willing to learn the principles of empathy and nonviolence from those honing these practices?

1. Action: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create dialog with the identified sources of Mother Nature, the 5 Elements, plants, animals, birds, insects, life, water and people in the community about what works well to transform painful and violent conflict into beauty, balance, peace, harmony, compassion, and unity in diversity? Are we willing to move towards transforming rules into agreements and use Spiritual Practices and Restorative Dialog Practices as a way to embrace conflict to restore peace, beauty, balance, rhythm, self discipline, harmony, & love?

  • What is working well in our community?
  • What is NOT working well in our community?
  • What is our clear vision for how our community could be?

2. Space: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create refuges, sanctuaries, and safe spaces to perform spiritual practices and tell the truth in Restorative Dialogic Practices that have inclusive omni-partial awareness of historical contexts, gender balance, racial and ethnic honoring with respect dynamics, inclusive of all classes, respectful of all ages, mindful of all disability, a interfaith and inner faith and intrafaith agnostic, atheist, spiritual and religious outlook, and omni-partial respect of all LGTBQI2SAA, hetero-cis-normative, and celibate orientations, a minimal to zero ecological footprint, harmonious sound vibration levels, and a basic level of safety and comfort for and with the participants of the community?

3. Host + Facilitate: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create co-learning based on a blend of knowledge honed from direct experience and intellectual information about the unity in diversity of the Spiritual Practices and Restorative Dialogic Practices offered in the community?

4. Grapevine: Get The Word Out... Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create a means for the experiential Spiritual Practices and Restorative Dialogic Practices knowledge and intellectual information to be lived and shared widely within the community?

5. Access: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create a means for the Spiritual Practices and Restorative Dialogic Practices to be lived and initiated in the community scale that make them as omni-partial as the scale of inclusion of the community agreements and capacity of time, energy, and resources will allow?

6. Celebrate: Are we willing to Consciously Co-Create gratitude, acknowledgment, celebrations, and appreciations of positive life-serving action to consciously co-create interdependence in the community?

7. Remove Blocks to Action: Are we willing to build a massive and strong holistic and Spiritual interpersonal, intrapersonal, and systemic support system and seek out healing, empathy, spiritual training, recovery, and coaching to remove any blocks to us taking efficient action to manifest and generate Community Dialog Systems Co-Creation to serve local and world peace? Are we willing to to avoid the punitive use of force and only use the Protecive use of force as a last effort to enrich life, if offering food, shelter, clothing, water, empathy, understanding, and space does not transform personal and community problems and someone physically threatens us?

8. Repeat: Non-Linearly: Is our action cyclic like weather, tides, seasons, life stages? Is action natural? Does it occur like the spiral in our thumb print, the galaxies, the water in a river Eddy, the movement of a cyclone and hurricane, and the seeds, growth, decay and re-pollination of blue corn, basmati rice, and redwoods? Is Action eternal?  Do we really do anything? Does Mother Nature happen through us and do we originate from Her and return to Her?

***Non-Possessiveness of Credit from Clayton Stewart Waidler Barker: All these questions came from the Universe and from inspiration sourced from the Soul of Mother Nature, Weyakpa Najin Win, Tateh Uha Omani, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Amma, Shree Maa, Avadhuta Dattatreya, Neem Karoli Baba, & Dominic Barter, in the life experiences of local and worldwide Interfaith Harmony Pilgrimage in Consciously Co-Creating Community Dialog Systems, gifted by the Mother Earth. Beloved Divine Energy Gets ALL the Credit! She is the doer!